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Deiter Barry is a Naarm Melbourne based artist who specializes in bringing imagination to life.


With nearly 20 years industry experience, he has worked with many talented artists and directors both nationally and internationally on Films, Commercials, Theater Productions, Walk Through Attractions, Public Events and Displays.

Services offered include,


Consulting - Project Development - Concept Art and Illustration - Sculpting - Molding and Casting - Creature Design & Puppet Fabrication - Prop Fabrication - Scenic Art & Set Dressing - Set Design & Carpentry.

His 50 sq meter Studios in West Footscray can house your build during construction or he can come to you with his mobile studio. So let him take the hassle out of your Art Depatment, Event Or Next Creative Build.

Look forward to hearing from you.




double click the thumbnails to enter galleries, for a larger collection hit the Instagram link in the footer.




2022 La BREA Television series, Prop Fabrication, Set Dressing 

2018 Gatcha Gatcha, Short Film, Phantasmes Video, Creature Design

2016 Tarnation Feature Film, Strongman pictures, Creature Designer and Fabrication.
2015 SheBorg Massacre Feature Film, Strongman Pictures, Cyborg Costume Design, Miniature construction, Props and Cyborg Prosthetics.
2014 Cat Sick Blues Feature Film, Phantasmes Video, Creature Design and construction
2013 The Heron, Short Film, Michael Portway Productions, Creature design and construction
2012 Holy Moses, Music Video, Headpieces, Amanda Fairbanks, Wearable Prop Design.
2012 “Arty Toucan & Plush Toys” Riot Art & Craft. Puppet, Plush Toy & Pattern Design & Build.
2012 “Darkling Design” Ashfodel films, Creature concept design.
2011 “Axe Cop.” Afrim Memed, Mask Making
2011 “Quinkan.” Before Dawn films, Prop builder
2010 “This is Bullshit.” Bill Irving Productions. Art Director, Wearable Creature Design & Build, Set Design & Dressing, Costume designer, Prop Builder.
2009 "Hotel Motel" Before Dawn Films, Assistant Producer, Story Boarding, Graphic cut away stills.


2021 "Guess How Much I Love You" Puppet Build, A Blanck Canvas  

2021 "Thingle Toodle" Puppet and Prop Fabrication, Road Safety Victoria School's Program.

2020 "Bluey's Big Play" Puppet and Prob Fabrication, A Blanck Canvas

2019 Silvia, Australian Ballet, Replica Weapon Construction  

2019 "Alice in Wonderland" Rapid Fire Entertainment, Puppet Construction

2018" Greening of the Desert" Abu Dhabi "A Blanck Canvas" "Balloga

Entertainment" Puppet Construction and International production build.

2018 "Alice" Rapidfire Productions, Puppet design and construction

2017 "The Sleeping Beauty" A Blanck Canvass, The Victorian Opera, The Victorian Arts Center. Sculpting, Casting, Mold making, Creature, Prop and Puppet Fabrication
2015 "TOTEM" Cirque Du Soile, Mold making, Casting, Fabrication
2015 "TOTEM" Cirque Du Soile, Prop Fabrication
2014 "La Peste" Bone Marrow Theater Prop Fabrication, Set Design, Set Dressing
2013 "Exodus" Bone Marrow Theater, Prop Fabrication, Set Design, Set Dressing
2013 "Omega Quest" Revolt Productions, Prop Fabrication, Creature design and Construction
2012 “Alien Head Piece” Amanda Fairbanks, Wearable Prop Design and Build.
2012 “John Foreman Puppet” Puppet Making.
2010 “The Jason Byrne Show.” Fox in the Snow, Prop Maker
2009 “Ariel's Dream.” NICA, Prop Designer & Builder
2009 “Walking Whale Circus.” NICA, Wearable Puppet Construction


2022 Iron Throne Reproduction, Sexpo Australia, Prop Fabrication

2022 UKG Retail & Hospitality Summit, Bowling alley prop construction

2022 Large 3d logo build, Solution Entertainment

2022 Design Outlook, Giant Ribbon Prop Design, Frank Wild.

2021 The Elemental Puppets, Creature design, Esoteric Festival  

2021 The Warrior Boar Deiter Barry Creatons and City of Melbourne funded Creature Build.

2020 Mosasaurus Puppet, Moomba Melbourne, A Blanck Canvas

2020 Greenpeace "Climate Crisis Activation" Prop Construction

2019, United Emirates National Day 2019 " Abu Dhabi "A Blanck Canvas" Puppet Construction and International puppet build.

2019 White Night Melbourne, "The Guardian" A Blanck Canvas, Giant Puppet Construction

2019 Shirl Float Sydney Mardi Gras, A Blanck Canvas, Prop Construction 

2019 Google Melbourne Office Launch, Solution Entertainment, Prop Construction 

2018 AIME Conference Prop Fabrication, Solution Entertainment

2017 Snow White Anniversary display tanks and Plinths Solution Entertainment, Disney, The Melbourne Emporium

2017 Storyville Bar Melbourne, Scenic fit out Prop Fabrication, A Black Canvas

2017 Beauty and the Beast Movie Premiere Candelabra Headpieces, Fabrication, Molding, Casting, Finished Art. Solution Entertainments.

2017 The Messenger, White Night Melbourne, A Blanck Canvass, Puppet structure fabrication
2016 The City of Melbourne Nativity Scene, Concept Development, Sculpting , Molding, Casting, Airbrushing.
2016 JURASSIC WORLD THE EXHIBITION, Scenic Artist, Prop Fabrication, Set Design
2015 PAX Aus Convention, Exhibition Building, Set Design, Art Director.
2015 The Town Music festival, Prop and Set design
2014 Four Colours Music Festival, Prop Design and construction, Graphic Design
2014 Section 8 Bar Birthday Festival, Prop Design and Fabrication
2014 Midsumma Queer Collectives Exhibition, Creature Design and Construction
2013 Ethnotech Podiums, Federation Square, Prop / Stage Construction
2012-2013 “IRL Shooter, Patient 0” Art Director, Set Design & Dressing, Creature Designer, Prop Builder. Costume Design.
2012 Midsumma Bust of the Fest Exhibition, Chapel off Chapel Gallery, Creature Design
2012 “Giant Piggy Bank Pinata's” Big Dog Creative. Large scale pinata building.
2011 Friends of the Earth Protest Mascot, Large Scale Puppet Design and Construction
2011 “The National Theatre Fundraiser” Large Scale Puppet Design and Construction
2010 “The Orpheus Gate.” Creature Design and Construction Personal Exhibition
2009 “Liquid Desire” National Gallery of Victoria, Salvador Dali exhibit.Creature Design and Construction



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 1 Cromwell Parade, West Footscray, 3012

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